Navigating Our New Normal

5 Tips for Coping with Motherhood during a Global Pandemic

BY Jocelyn Cash-Sailor, LCSW

You may be a full-time working mom turned full-time work from home mom and home school teacher. Maybe you were already a stay at home mom and now you are home school teacher, while your significant other is working from home all day or maybe you are an essential worker and still have to attend work every day putting your life at risk to help others. Whatever the case may be these are stressful and unprecedented times where self care needs to be priority to stay afloat. Here are five to tips to help all moms feel a little more at peace during a global pandemic.

Tip No. 1 -- Self Care Create a 30 to 60 minute block of time during your day to practice self care. Self care is prioritizing your well being and happiness. Moms are usually the “cup fillers” in the family but you cannot pour from an empty cup. Self care can look different for everyone from taking a long hot shower and developing a skin care routine to reading a book before bed to practicing yoga or mindfulness.

Tip No. 2 -- Stay Engaged with Loved Ones While practicing social distancing you can still virtually connect with others. Engage in a social support groups for moms or other like minded individuals. You can find these groups if you search Instagram or Facebook and type in - Telehealth or virtual support group, many are free! When you participate in these groups it makes you feel less alone, allows you to connect with other while social distancing and it raises your mood. If you cannot find one that meets your needs, create one! Zoom is a great platform to create groups.

Tip No. 3 -- Gratitude Journaling Practice gratitude journaling. Gratitude journaling is a practice that allows you to focus on the things you are thankful for. Journaling is therapeutic and is also an act of self care.

Tip No. 4 -- Limit News & Social Media Intake Limit watching the news and social media. It is important to stay abreast of the most recent factual information but watching the news all day can create increased levels of anxiety and depression. Social media can also make you feel guilty for not being uber productive during this time. You may have seen memes floating around saying things such as if you did not write a best seller, developed a new skill or hobby or reorganized your entire house that you are unproductive or not using your time wisely. It is ok to just be right now. Give yourself some grace and log off!

Tip No. 5 -- Take Time with Nature Take time with nature. Nature is therapeutic and you also receive much needed Vitamin D. Take a walk with your family in your neighborhood or local park (while practicing social distancing) and enjoy the sites, sounds, and smells of nature. In addition it allows you to get some exercise in.!

Jocelyn Cash-Sailor