The Power of Writing

Unmet Emotional Needs

What is an emotional need? According to William Harley Jr., "An Emotional needs play a major role in partner relationships. Men and emotional need is a craving that when satisfied leaves you with a women verbalize an emotional need to express themselves ....

Navigating Our New Normal

5 Tips for Coping with Motherhood during a Global Pandemic

You may be a full-time working mom turned full-time work from home mom and home school teacher. Maybe you were already a stay at home mom and now you are home school teacher, while your significant other is working from home all day or maybe you are an essential worker ....

Mental Health of Black Men

Shifting Perceptions Towards Treatment

As I ponder the issue(s) of black men and mental health, I am comforted to have experienced and report there has been an increase in black men seeking mental health treatment for numerous issues such as depression, PTSD, adverse childhood experiences, anxiety, marital discord ....